Titan Funding for Conventional and Alternative Loans—Detailed Lender Review


Banks have the cheapest financing costs among all lenders, but they don’t allow easy access to funds due to the omnipresent red tape. Private lenders like Titan Funding soften the entry barriers to capital, offering a wide range of real estate funding options—minus the bureaucratic headache.

Most borrowers have a general idea of how private mortgages work but have no yardstick to measure a lender’s performance. We have created this guide to review Titan Funding’s products, available primarily in Florida and neighboring states. You will also learn how to evaluate multiple lenders and recognize the best borrowing opportunities.

Titan Funding—A Lender for Commercial and Residential Properties

Titan Funding is managed by a team of banking professionals with decades of lending experience. While the group offers traditional financing for residential and commercial real estate, it also expands its catalog to alternative products that suit property investors and house flippers.

Titan Funding offers around a dozen different loan programs, roughly categorized under the following categories:

  1. Residential bridge loans
  2. Hard money loans
  3. House-flip loans
  4. Commercial loans

Residential Bridge Loans

Titan Funding’s residential bridge loans are designed to support customers who are in between properties. In simple terms, if you want to purchase Property B after the sale of Property A, the lender can fund the new acquisition while you find buyers with the best offer. The loan is based on the equity component you have in Property A.

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Bridge loans help you make purchase offers without sale contingencies, increasing the likelihood of you securing the property. Titan Funding can help you with:

  1. Conventional loans—These products are offered according to the funding criteria established by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and the funding amount would be limited according to the cost of living of the state you live in. Conventional loans have prime rates, but you may have to commit to higher points because you’re bridging
  2. Jumbo loans—Jumbo loans are suitable for financing luxury homes that require large cash inputs. These loans enable borrowers to qualify for bigger loans than conforming limits
  3. Government agency-insured loans—Mortgages insured by government agencies like Veteran Affairs (VA) and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) that are available at below-prime rates. Titan Funding offers FHA loans, although the website doesn’t specify if the products are available as bridge loans or long-term mortgages

The lender offers bridge loans after reviewing an applicant’s credit score, income stream, debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, and down payment capacity. You can also convert the temporary loan to a permanent one once the property is stabilized.

Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans refer to short-term mortgage products predominantly used for real estate investing. These products are different from conventional loans because they’re secured only by a tangible (hard) asset—the underlying real estate. A borrower’s credit score, DTI ratio, and other financial particulars don’t play a significant role in the underwriting process. Almost all private investors offer hard money financing in some form, although it can be marketed under different names.

Titan Funding services hard money loans mainly to real estate investors and rental property owners. You can use the funds to expand your portfolio or renovate existing properties to enhance their market appeal. The lender has listed the following parameters for a hard money loan:

ComponentsTitan Funding Hard Money Loans
Loan size$100,000–$5,000,000
Tenure1–3 years
Loan-to-value (LTV) ratioUp to 100% (with cross-collateral)
Funding timeTwo weeks after approval

Titan Funding does not specify its interest rates for hard money loans, but they’re usually costliest than conventional mortgages. Private lenders typically charge between 8% and 15% for hard money residential mortgages—the range doesn’t fluctuate much because it’s unattached to common interest indices.

Titan Funding hard money loans have a common sense-based underwriting process. While you don’t have to provide extensive income proofs, your rental income or project profitability predictions should appear reasonable.

House-Flip Loans

House-flip loans (also called fix-and-flip loans) are used to improve the living condition and cosmetic appeal of aged homes. These loans may seem similar to renovation mortgages or home improvement equity loans offered by banks, but the core difference is the intent. Renovation loans cater to homeowners and can be amortized within 10–30 years, while house-flip loans work like short-term business loans.

Titan Funding offers fix-and-flip loans to new and experienced property rehabbers. The product is not based on the borrower’s verifiable income but rather factors like:

  • Extent of work required
  • Likelihood of the project’s success
  • Reliability of the borrower as a house flipper
  • Comparative advantages of the property in the immediate neighborhood

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The lender disburses funding for both components—the purchase of the fixer-upper investment home and an equitable portion of rehab costs, but the LTV ratio varies from case to case. The common tenure for the product is 1–2 years, and the interest rate is typically double the rate for conventional mortgages.

Commercial Loans

Titan Funding’s commercial loans are targeted to help commercial real estate businesses get a quick injection of cash. You can use the funding to:

  • Start construction projects
  • Buy out a partner
  • Meet payroll obligations
  • Renovate a commercial property for reselling
  • Pay off existing loans and bills

The company provides commercial loans on hard money financing principles, i.e., the debt has to be backed by tangible commercial assets, such as:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Multi-family buildings (like condos and quadruplexes)
  • Mixed-use buildings (structures zoned for both residential and commercial use)

These loans are mostly used by businesses that don’t qualify for SBA loans or have non-qualifying assets.

How To Get a Loan at Titan Funding

Titan Funding requires potential borrowers to send an online inquiry for the relevant investment, business, or mortgage product. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the CONTACT US tab on Titan Funding’s website
  2. Fill out the inquiry form
  3. Submit it

Source: Titan Funding

Typically, a hard money broker from the team will call you to discuss your situation. Most approval decisions are communicated within 48 hours. Titan Funding only loans on suitably vetted applications that go through the following three stages:

  1. Data analysis
  2. Underwriting
  3. Personal evaluations

You can apply for hard money loans as a foreign national, not conventional ones. Specifics about paperwork requirements and borrowing costs are not available on the website—we recommend you contact the lender directly for the latest info.

Titan Funding—Customer Reviews

Titan Funding has a 5-star rating on Google Reviews, with its main strength being investment financing. The company is professional with its dealings and helps new investors navigate the process easily.

Titan Funding also helps people with spare funds diversify their portfolio by investing in real estate debt funds—the service has been praised by many customers. In a general sense, the group allows investors to provide funds for real estate borrowers. The amount is secured by collateral, and you earn a yield and a monthly interest.

Keep in mind that Titan Funding does not reveal its rates and costs online, so you have to do your research to claim a cost-efficient deal. Many private lenders have offers designed to hook you in, but you end up paying a fortune due to hidden costs. To find a suitable lender specific to your case, do this:

  1. Make a list of potential lenders
  2. Compare the rates, eligibility criteria, and lending terms for each
  3. Go over the lenders’ online reviews
  4. Apply to your vetted choice(s)

If you want to explore more options, start with Hard Money Loan Solutions (HMLS)—a 5-star rated lending group based in Florida with flexible underwriting habits and low borrowing costs. The group has the best transparency practices and serves a variety of applicants, including:

Hard Money Loan Solutions Supports the Full Spectrum of Savvy Real Estate Financing

Hard Money Loan Solutions is a dependable private lender for all your real estate financing needs. Whether you’re dealing with residential, commercial, or industrial property, HMLS has something for everybody. The group focuses on creating flexible funding products that align with various individual and business goals, including:

If you’re between homes and want a bridge loan to call dibs on your favorite property, HMLS can set you up with the most cost-conscious program. As for investors, business professionals, and corporations, the group works hand-in-hand with the client to create customized financing solutions. Connect with HMLS today to seek the expertise of the industry-best real estate financiers!

Source: Yan Krukau

At HMLS, you don’t have to pay double the prime rates or keep up with exorbitant fees. The group lends at 9.99%–12%, which is lower than what many hard money lenders charge. You can glance through the typical lending parameters in the table below:

ComponentHMLS Parameters
Principal$100,000 to $50,000,000+
Eligible propertySingle- or multi-unit homes
Any commercial and retail structures
Special-purpose structures
Interest rate9.99%–12%
Interest typeFixed
Term1–3 years
Installment typeInterest only (no amortization)
LTV offeredUp to 70%
Funding time3–14 days
Down paymentNot required
Origination fee2 points or 2%
Prepayment penaltyNone (for settlements after six months)

How To Qualify for HMLS Loans

HMLS purely offers non-conventional loans that don’t require extensive data checks or personal evaluations. You don’t have to waste your time submitting voluminous paperwork or getting your background verified. The group has a practical collateral-based underwriting system, which means you can qualify by:

You can successfully obtain HMLS financing with poor credit scores or steep DTI ratios. The group also supports first-time investors and foreign nationals, provided the applicant has saved up sufficient funds to meet the LTV. HMLS avoids 100% financing deals as it indicates the client has no “skin in the game,” making them prone to dropping projects and triggering losses for the lender.

Source: Google Reviews

Despite the ease of borrowing, HMLS follows ethical lending standards and all legal compliances necessary to secure the client. Here are a few factors that contribute to the 5-star experience:

  • Efficient processing cycle
  • Timely and knowledgeable responses
  • Caring and accommodating attitude
  • Guaranteed funding delivery
  • Innovative solutions for peculiar scenarios
  • Modifiable packages

HMLS removes unnecessary (and often hidden) cost elements from the deal—including upfront fees, processing fees, and underwriting fees—allowing clients to save up to $8,000 per deal!

Take a Step Closer to Success With HMLS

Whether you’re maximizing your investment yield or forwarding new projects, the professionals at HMLS can review your situation and approve within 24 hours. Follow these steps to get a free consultancy:

  1. Visit the loan application page online
  2. Specify basic details about your business and property
  3. Enter the requested amount
  4. Submit the form

The info you share is 100% confidential. Because your property specifics are already on the form, the next steps are time-optimized. If your proposed collateral passes through appraisal and the title work is clean, you’ll likely acquire the funds within ten days.

We have reviewed some other prospective lenders for you—check them out if you want to expand your knowledge base as a borrower:

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In case you dislike having a choice overload, reach out to an HMLS lender and have an honest conversation about your options—you won’t be disappointed!

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