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Borrowing through private channels is a viable solution for anyone who wants quick access to funds. Private lenders like M&M Private Lending Group have fewer federal or bureaucratic regulations than banks, which makes their financing process straightforward and predictable. That being said, every lender is different, and it’s important to have a clear idea of their services before making a long-term financial decision.

Our experts have prepared this guide to help you navigate M&M Private Lending Group products. We will discuss the following:

  • Loan types and borrowing guidelines at M&M Private Lending Group 
  • Pros and cons of the lender
  • Top competitors on the private market

M&M Private Lending Group—An Overview

M&M Private Lending Group is a lender for alternative financing products—essentially, non-federal loans offered beyond restrictive banking guidelines. The group is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but it extends its core funding services through Texas, New York, Colorado, and Massachusetts. It’s common for private money lenders to operate within limited states because their business is run according to state guidelines, which typically vary across different states.

M&M assists both borrowers and investors—the group currently offers four types of services:

  1. Private hard money loans
  2. Broker and affiliate support
  3. Mortgage note investment
  4. Private yacht financing

Private Hard Money Loans

M&M group’s website lists private loans and hard money loans as separate products, but they have the same characteristics. Both products provide financing based on the borrower’s equity in the property (and not their credit health), so we’ll refer to the product as hard money loans for brevity.

M&M hard money loans are short-term products offered for a period of 12, 24, or 36 months. The group specifies five qualifying borrowing intents:

  1. Buying a property
  2. Refinancing (with or without cash-out)
  3. Investment rehabbing (for property flipping)
  4. Using an equity line of credit (you get a credit limit based on the equity holding in a property—you withdraw the amount on a need basis and pay interest only on balance used)
  5. Temporary financing (also called fast-cash or bridge loans)

The group’s loans are typically suitable for commercial, rental, or investment properties, i.e., non-owner-occupied real estate. Your chances to qualify are slim if you want a deal on an owner-occupied home, as it is more complicated to finance from a regulatory perspective than a commercial hard money loan.

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Here are the typical lending guidelines at M&M Private Lending Group:

AspectM&M Funding
AmountUp to $5,000,000
Interest rate9.9%–13%
Repayment structureInterest-only monthly payments + principal repayment at maturity
Maximum loan-to-value (LTV)65%
Minimum credit scoreNegotiable (your eligibility is determined more by your collateral quality and equity portion)
Qualifying property• Single- or multi-family units
• Office condos
• Condo-hotels
• Warehouse or other retail properties
Minimum closing time4 days

We recommend visiting the lender’s website to get the latest info.

Broker and Affiliate Support

M&M group has an attractive broker and affiliate program for those interested in earning via mortgage broking. Brokers bring the group business and earn a percentage of the fees in return. The details about the fee-sharing arrangement are not disclosed on the website.

Mortgage Note Investment

Purchasing mortgage notes is an alternative to directly investing in real estate. In real estate terminology, a mortgage note is like a promissory note between a lender and an investor. For example, let’s say M&M lends a $200,000 loan to Person A by using funds borrowed from Person B, an investor. In this case, Person B will get a secure mortgage note from M&M specifying the particulars of the obligation and repayment terms.

The transaction is mutually beneficial—Person B doesn’t have to become a landowner or speculate in risky properties to reap the benefits from real estate investment, while the lender manages a supply of funds to grant loans.

You can earn an annual yield between 7.5% and 10% if you go for mortgage notes with the M&M group. The mortgage should be held in the first position, but further details are not provided on the website.

Private Yacht Financing

Beyond real estate, M&M offers private yacht or boat financing to those who have been unable to get traditional loans. Banks typically offer boat loans at 4%–6% interest rates, but they are hard to get—you must have exceptional credit scores, low debt, and a verifiable stream of taxable income.

M&M offers yacht loans at 16%–17.99% interest rates with up to a 4% origination fee. Check out the other aspects of these loans below:

AspectM&M Boat/Yacht Financing
Loan amount$150,000–$750,000
Tenure12–48 months
Repayment structureInterest-only and amortization options available

The group also offers cash-out financing of late-model yachts. You have to pay for survey and geo-tracking software expenses if you go for these loans.

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How To Apply for an M&M Private Lending Group Loan

Private lenders don’t have a uniform, AI-supported application process like banks because their lending structure is not defined by financial credentials. Only a few lenders offer an online processing system—in most cases, you have to talk to the lender over the phone to discuss your deal.

At M&M Private Lending Group, you have two ways to seek a loan:

  1. Submit your name and contact details online and wait for a representative to call you
  2. Call directly at 305-899-2201

There is limited transparency about the actual screening and finding process online.

Pros and Cons of M&M Private Lending Group Funding

M&M Private Lending Group is a brilliant option in the alternative lending market, but like any other lender, it is not perfect. To summarize, here’s what we find appealing:

  • Quality hard money funding—M&M is a reliable hard money lender, having funded several properties in the South Florida area in the past few years. The group mostly has decent customer reviews on Google
  • Fast funding—M&M clients receive prompt service once the lender understands the positive points of the real estate in question. You can get funds within four days at the earliest, although most deals take up to two weeks to be serviced
  • Mortgage note investment available—Real estate enthusiasts can get mortgage notes to earn a good annual yield without actually buying a property
  • Interest-only loans—M&M hard money loans have interest-only payments, which makes these products cheaper than mortgages in terms of monthly financial burden. The arrangement works perfectly for investors who hold on to a property for capital appreciation

As far as drawbacks are concerned, these are the areas where M&M can improve:

  • Limited products—The group only deals with certain real estate and yacht loans. If you’re looking for construction financing, business funds, or primary residence loans, M&M is not the best option
  • Price—It’s normal for hard money loans to have higher interest rates than mortgages, but certain products at M&M are pricey, especially if you consider brokerage expenses
  • Unstructured application process—We have noticed a couple of negative reviews about getting in touch with M&M. If your deal doesn’t interest the staff, it will be hard to grab their attention

If you’re seeking private loans, it’s always best to compare your options with similar lenders.

Try Hard Money Loan Solutions—The Best Alternative to M&M

Hard Money Loan Solutions (HMLS) is one of the top lenders in the South Florida market, offering various hard money products and free consultancy services. The group consists of real estate veterans and entrepreneurs who understand the needs of the local market. You can reach out to HMLS for:

HMLS handles the funding of commercial, investment, mixed-use, and self-occupied properties. The group also provides handy funding products for businesses, startups, and certain non-real estate assets. Reach out today to get a loan package customized to your needs!

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The following table summarizes a basic loan package at HMLS:

Loan ComponentHMLS Funding
Principal$100,000 to $50,000,000+
Interest rate9.99%–12%
Interest typeFixed
Term1–3 years
Installment typeInterest only (no amortization)
LTV offeredUp to 70% of the lower of:
• As-in value
• Purchase price or cost input (as applicable)
Minimum funding time3 days
Origination fee2 points or 2%
Prepayment penaltyNo (if repaid after six months)
Minimum credit scoreNot required
Down paymentNot required
Qualifying property• Single- or multi-family units
• Townhouse
• Condos
• Apartments
• Land
• All retail and commercial properties

You can check out the lender’s recently funded properties here.

HMLS—Comparative Benefits

HMLS, like other hard money lenders, offers fast and document-light servicing along with interest-only payment options. Still, the group stands apart with a cracking 5-star rating on Google, which is maintained by features like:

  • Light eligibility criteria—HMLS loans are available to anyone with an equity holding in a property. You can even apply as a:
    • Foreign national
    • Tax defaulter
    • Person with poor credit or past financial blemishes
  • Lending flexibility—HMLS lenders have been in the business for 20 years and know that real estate funding requires an open-minded approach. The group comes up with creative funding solutions for their clients and is even open to accepting non-real estate collateral, such as jewels
  • Reasonable pricing—The HMLS team never lends to exploit borrowers in a sticky situation. You are always guaranteed competitive rates and justifiable costs, all explained clearly by the lenders. There are no junk fees like:
    • Upfront fee
    • Processing fee
    • Underwriting fee
    • Appraisal fee
    • Digital retention fee
  • Customer-centric approach—HMLS aims to build long-term professional bonds with all clients. The lending team:
    • Flows with the borrower’s needs
    • Is lenient when met with occasional defaults
    • Guarantees funding once you accept a loan offer
    • Suggests alternatives to rejected applicants (in good faith)
  • Structured application process—HMLS has a well-configured online application process designed to save borrowers’ and lenders’ time. Further discussions and steps for finalizing the loan happen over the phone and via email. You can apply for a loan and get approved within a day!

HMLS Application Process Broken Down

Transparency is the backbone of customer relationships at HMLS. The team follows an analytical yet quick application and screening process—here’s what it looks like:

  1. Online applicationComplete HMLS’s online application form with your contact and property details. The lenders already get to screen your property beforehand, so further processing is quicker
  2. Discussion via phone—Have a clear discussion with the HMLS lender when they call you. Answer their questions and have your queries addressed as well
  3. Appraisal and approval—The lender conducts a formal property appraisal before finalizing the deal. Once you accept the offer, HMLS will work with a legal team to set up the loan and forward the funds. The entire process takes 3–14 days, depending on the complexity of your deal

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If you’re shopping for loans, you may want to compare quotes before making a decision. You can check out our extensive reviews of other private lenders below:

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