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Making several trips to the bank or filing tons of paperwork is no longer a viable option for many real estate borrowers. You need to work with a reputable private lender to close deals fast and with maximum ease.

Taylor Made Lending, LLC is a well-known private lender in the Florida real estate scene. It’s a family-owned company closely associated with the SkyMark group, a real estate investment and development firm based in the state—but does the special connection make it the right lender for you?

In this guide, we’ll present Taylor Made Lending’s products, along with their pros and cons. We will also discuss customer reviews and other borrowing options to give you a wide-scope perspective of the Florida lending scene.

The Core Financial Products of Taylor Made Lending

Taylor Made Lending is a hard money (or asset-based) lender—it does not offer conventional, FHA, or other traditional products. Hard money lending is the most popular route for getting real estate deals because of its simplicity. 

Banks evaluate applicants based on their creditworthiness. The process is tedious and time-consuming, and even a tiny financial blemish can lead to rejection. Hard money lenders like Taylor Made Lending consider the merits of the investment and the health of the collateral (the underlying real estate) before funding a property. This means you can qualify regardless of your income or debt status.

Types of Hard Money Loans Available at Taylor Made Lending

Taylor Made Lending (TML) hard money loans are typically used for commercial and investment real estate. If you’re looking to finance a self-occupied property, TML may not be the right choice. 

Here are eight popular types of loans from the lender’s catalog:

  1. Multi-family or residential investment loans—TML can help you purchase or refinance an investment residential property held for long-term capital appreciation. You must have sufficient equity in the property
  2. Commercial investment loans—You can also seek TML financing if you want to invest in a commercial structure, such as a warehouse or an office building
  3. Land development loans—Land development loans by Taylor Made Lending are used to improve raw land (land without basic amenities) prior to building structures
  4. Construction loans—TML uses the projected future value of a property to service construction loans. You’ll have to agree to a draw schedule offered by the lender
  5. Fix-and-flip loans—Fix-and-flip loans help you buy and upgrade a property to sell it for a profit. They are some of the most sought-after hard money products in the Florida market
  6. Bridge loans—Bridge loans help you secure short-term financing for real estate while you’re waiting to qualify for a traditional long-term mortgage
  7. Foreign national loans—TML has no citizenship restrictions when it comes to lending. All the products mentioned above are also available for foreign nationals, although the loan terms may be different
  8. Non-recourse real estate loans—TML also offers non-recourse loans that limit the personal liability of the borrower in case of default

Taylor Made Lending provides different loan structures tailored for each product, but the info is not disclosed unless you apply for funding.

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General Underwriting Criteria and Loan Terms

The eligibility standards for hard money loans vary from lender to lender. At Taylor Made Lending, you have to present a summary of the proposed deal to the underwriting team. The lender typically evaluates applicants on the following four factors:

  1. Current (purchase price) and future value of the property
  2. Budget (in case of rehab or construction financing)
  3. Repayment strategy (whether you’ll sell the property or get a refinance)
  4. Exit timing (how long you intend to keep the loan)

There is little information available on how the TML team reviews each application. Typically, a hard money lender verifies if your deal is a worthy investment for their funds. 

Based on the risk assessment, TML offers up to 70% loan-to-value (LTV) for approved deals—you have to manage the rest on your own. The following table outlines the essential lending parameters followed by the lender:

ParameterTaylor Made Lending
Lending range$100,000–$10,000,000
Interest rate8.99%–13%
Loan tenure24–36 months (you can renew the loan, provided the collateral retains its value)
Funding timeTypically within three weeks

TML does not charge a prepayment penalty if you choose to settle the loan before maturity.

How To Apply for a Taylor Made Lending Loan

Taylor Made Lending does not have an online loan application setup. You have to contact the lender directly to present your deal. Refer to the table below for the available contact channels:

In personTML’s office in Oakland Park, Florida

A typical loan at Taylor Made Lending goes through four stages:

  1. Initial contact—TML gathers property data when you first reach out to the team. You have to provide extensive details about your property, budget, and exit plans
  2. Underwriting—If your initial request is approved, the lender evaluates your deal further and prepares a Term Sheet outlining the loan
  3. Closing—Once you sign the Term Sheet, you have to wait around a week for the loan to close
  4. Servicing—The funds are serviced within a couple of days of closing, according to the structure mentioned on the Term Sheet. In the case of construction, you will only receive the first draw according to the predetermined schedule

Taylor Made Lending’s main specialty is offering tailor-made loans. Keep in mind that the customization depends on the property value and current market conditions—not your requirements.

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Taylor Made Lending—Pros and Cons

Taylor Made Lending impresses with its variety of loan options targeted toward investors and property developers. When compared to banking services, the lender simplifies funding by removing the need for personal credit documentation. Still, TML faces stiff competition in the hard money lending market. More often than not, you will find private Florida lenders offering better loan packages and faster funding timelines (within 1–2 weeks) than TML.

You can go over the pros and cons of Taylor Made Lending in the following table:

Multiple customized loan options
Light paperwork
Asset-based qualification
Competitive interest rates (in the hard money lending industry)
No prepayment penalty
Non-recourse financing available
Limited transparency on closing costs
No online application process
Not suitable for owner-occupied homes

Taylor Made Lending has favorable reviews online, thanks to a responsive customer support team. That being said, it’s difficult to make a fair comparison between TML and its immediate competitors as the former provides limited info about its products on public platforms.

No matter how good or bad a lender seems, it’s important to keep your options open, especially if you’re seeking hard money loans. Florida hard money lending is a competitive industry—lenders often reject risky or low-profit deals. There is also a chance that other lenders will give you a more cost-efficient package for the same deal.

Try Hard Money Loan Solutions for Fast and Innovative Tailor-Made Loans

Hard Money Loan Solutions (HMLS) is a reputable private lender in Florida offering no-fuss, non-recourse hard money loans for big and small real estate transactions. HMLS is a group of industry veterans and entrepreneurs with decades of experience—they have the knowledge and expertise you need to get deals funded fast! The products offered by the lender work for everyone, including:

HMLS loans are completely asset-based, so you don’t have to worry about your credit score or income stream. The team services flexible, tailor-made loans in the truest sense because:

  • Every deal is handled on a case-by-case basis
  • The final loan package is determined according to the:
    • Expected yield timeline
    • Borrower’s exit strategy and convenience

Reach out to HMLS for loans related to purchase, refinance, cash-out refinance, rehab and renovation, new construction, land development, property flipping, and business funding. The lender also offers hard money bridge loans, foreclosure and short sale support, and real estate-owned (REO) property funding—all at competitive interest rates between 9.99% and 12%.

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HMLS is a 5-star rated lender because of the following aspects:

  • Fast funding (often within a week)
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Friendly and helpful service
  • Free loan consultancy
  • Reliable delivery of funds
  • Reasonable rates and fees
  • Innovative funding solutions (when faced with complicated deals)
  • Transparent communication
  • No junk fees (that can cost over $8,000)

Underwriting Criteria and Loan Terms at HMLS

Hard money lenders take on a higher risk than banks, so they typically want to ensure the borrower is serious about the investment. The underwriting criteria at HMLS depend on whether you hold (or will hold) enough equity in the property. If yes, you can qualify for a loan regardless of your nationality or debt status.

For rehab and construction projects, the HMLS team prefers working with borrowers who’ve had relevant experience. That being said, the group also welcomes first-time rehabbers and assists them with project-specific one-on-one guidance. Get in touch with the HMLS lenders to get a quick assessment of your funding situation!

While HMLS custom-makes each loan package, the lending parameters are transparent. You can see the specific terms in the following table:

ParameterHMLS Package
Eligible structures Single-family home
Multi-family home
Any commercial structure
Interest rate9.99% to 12%
Rate typeFixed
Principal$100,000 to $50,000,000+
Term1–3 years
Installment typeInterest only (no amortization)
LTV offeredUp to 70% of the:
Purchase price
As-is value (the lower figure is considered)
Funding time3–14 days
Origination fee2 points or 2% of the principal sum
Prepayment penaltyNo penalty if repaid after 6 months
Down payment depositNot required

HMLS serves all of Florida—you can check out a detailed list of the cities here.

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Access HMLS Quotes Within a Day! 

HMLS has put together a simple online application process for requesting accurate quotes. The entire funding cycle is completed in three stages:

  1. Initial contact—You feed your property details in a simple form online, and an HMLS lender reviews it. They will call you over the phone to discuss approval, rates, and other particulars
  2. Property appraisal—The lender orders a property appraisal as part of their due diligence process. You receive an offer based on the initial assessment
  3. Servicing—If you accept the offer, the HMLS team sets up the foundational legal documents and releases the necessary funds

If you don’t qualify for an HMLS loan, the team can also help you find other lenders on the market. Check out our reviews of top private lenders:

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