Using a Bridge Loan to Buy Your Next Home in South Florida


Bridge loans in South Florida can be difficult to obtain in a short period of time and with no delays. If you need fast funding, Hard Money Loan Solutions (HMLS) is at your disposal—you can get access to funds in as few as 3 days and bridge the gap in your financing effortlessly. 

Keep your real estate venture on track and get a bridge loan from HMLS for commercial and residential properties in South Florida.

Bridge and Hard Money Loans in South Florida

Considering how competitive the South Florida housing market is, it’s no wonder bridge loans are the most valuable loan product you can obtain. They provide an immediate cash flow, enabling you to close the deal before a real estate investment opportunity gets snatched away. 

Hard Money Loan Solutions (HMLS) helps you keep your real estate projects running smoothly. We strive to provide our clients with fast funding so they can take advantage of lucrative deals before the competition. We manage to do that by being:

  1. Flexible—We work with our clients to understand their needs and structure the loan according to their specific circumstances. Our goal is to enable them unrestricted access to funds, and we will even revise payment terms down the line if necessary to avoid any delays
  2. Committed—Once HMLS approves an application, they never back out on a deal. We see it through until completion, collaborating with our customers and offering expert advice every step of the way
  3. Undemanding—Unlike most other lenders, HMLS doesn’t require your bank statements, tax returns, or credit checks to approve a loan. We base our decision on the asset offered as collateral specifically, which enables us to process your application in record time

Check out the benefits of collaborating with Hard Money Loan Solutions:

  • Loan amounts—$100K–$50M+
  • LTV—Up to 70%
  • Terms—1–3 years
  • Rate type—Fixed
  • Closing time—Between 3 days and 2 weeks
  • Origination fee—2%
  • Amortization—Interest only

Interested in getting funds for your real estate projects without excessive paperwork? Call HMLS at (855)-244-2220 to secure a fast bridge loan in South Florida!

What Drives the South Florida Real Estate Market

South Florida is home to some of the most prestigious schools in the state, including the University of Miami and the University of South Florida. Miami, overseen by the Miami-Dade Public Schools district, strives to bring public education into the digital age by enabling students and teachers to use computer-driven platforms. It hosts high-quality public, charter, magnet, private, international, and special needs schools.

South Florida’s economy relies heavily on tourism and trade but also thrives in sectors such as finance, construction, and health care. 

Florida marks a low unemployment rate despite its continued population growth, and the state continues to exceed the national job growth rate. This promising data is one of the main attractions for those interested in investing in South Florida real estate.

Housing Market Overview for South Florida

Housing market trends in South Florida differ from one city to another. Check out the table below for current housing market facts you should know about:

How hot is the South Florida housing market?This depends on the city—while the housing market is hot in cities like Fort Lauderdale, it is moderately hot in Boca Raton and not very competitive in Miami
What are South Florida migration and relocation trends?Most homebuyers interested in moving to South Florida’s largest cities come from New York, Boston, Chicago, and Washington. South Florida citizens looking to relocate typically choose to stay within their city’s metropolitan area
What are South Florida schools like?Most elementary, middle, and high schools in cities like Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Miami are highly rated, with reviewers praising the dedicated staff and rich academic programs

Housing market trends in South Florida testify to the fact that snatching real estate in this area is an amazing long-term investment. Call HMLS at (855)-244-2220 and get a bridge loan in no time and with zero hassle!

The South Florida housing market data was obtained from Redfin.

Secure a Bridge Loan in South Florida and Up Your Real Estate Game

Building a strong network of fellow professionals is crucial if you want to grow and advance your real estate business. There’s no better place to do it than in a Real Estate Investment Association (REIA). Some of the biggest and most significant REIAs in South Florida you can join are:

  1. Broward County Landlords Association (BCLA)—This  nonprofit organization holds meetings every second Wednesday at the El Palacio Hotel in Fort Lauderdale
  2. South East Florida Real Estate Investors Association (S.E.F.R.E.I.A.)—The group is free to join and organizes two types of meetings:
    1. Broward Weekly Lunch every Wednesday at the ABC Chinese Restaurant on Hillsboro Blvd, Deerfield Beach, Florida
    2. Dade Monthly Lunch every first Friday at Mo’s Bagels and Deli, St. Aventura, Florida
  3. MIAMI Association of Realtors—The organization is located in multiple areas across southeast Florida, including the Broward County

Hard Money Loan Solutions is here to offer you bridge and other types of loans that can help you seize an investment opportunity in one of South Florida’s hot housing markets. Contacts us at (855)-244-2220 today and get a purchase, refinance, cash-out, rehab, foreclosure, acquisition, construction, commercial property, fix-and-flip, or investment property loan effortlessly!

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