Smart Cities and New Construction in Broward County, FL


Smart cities. The phrase seems like something out of a science fiction movie, but it simply implies how technologically integrated and advanced a city is. When a municipality suggests they are a smart city, it indicates that it is modern and capable of handling all that term implies, such as broadband and Wi-Fi access to residents, EV charging stations for EV owners, and various other technical integrations into the cities infrastructure and planning.

The pandemic demonstrated a disparity between socio-economic classes, especially regarding access to tech. Wealthier Floridians had minimal trouble transitioning into the digital demands of remote work. They had access to high-speed broadband internet, web cameras, and the newest technology. Low-income families struggled to obtain the same tools, demonstrating tech is a luxury; that cannot be in the modern era.

The $1 trillion infrastructure bill signed last year by President Biden is a step in the right direction. The bill allotted $65 billion to improving broadband access nationwide. Also, the bill offers a $500 million grant program for smart city projects, including:

  • Autonomous transportation
  • Smart traffic sensors
  • Technical skills training

Broward County contains 30 municipalities. The struggle with implementing such monumental changes, like upgrading infrastructure, is the independence across individual cities. Still, Broward is attempting to be a shining example to the country.

Broward County and New Construction

With plans in the works for significant infrastructure upgrades, Broward County officials will probably change current zoning laws and land-use codes. While projects currently underway may not worry about the immediate implications of such changes, new construction projects or future investors should consider the potential impact of altering building and zoning codes. Also, one must consider the expense of the inevitable tech requirements and upgrades.

Enforcing access to tech is necessary, and ensuring the access begins in the city planning and development stages is paramount to success. However, how much of the expense is passed off to land developers, investors, and private businesses?

No doubt, cities will incentivize the adoption of smart technology. Builders will inevitably receive rebates for the mandatory project upgrades, which are likely all part of the new grant programs. Still, investors need a way to cover the initial costs of smart integrations.

HML Solutions to the Rescue

Here at HML Solutions, we are excited about the future. We understand the necessity of digital access. The world is in a constant state of flux, especially regarding technology. The broadening divide between socio-economic classes only worsens with each passing year. Without intervention, the divide between economic classes may become irreparable.

While not a standalone solution, access to technology can somewhat stifle the divide. Ensuring all people have access to quality tech and information is vital to establishing an even and fair playing field.

Regarding expenses and covering development costs until federal or local government aid can compensate for the difference, we offer various loan programs and financial products. Also, our staff is educating themselves on the expected changes so we can assist you with any questions you may have. There are moments in human history when we all must work together and do our part for the greater good, and this is one of those moments.

The pandemic showed us how ill-prepared our country was for a global disaster and shed light on the growing disparity between communities. Adopting innovative technology is not so much a choice as necessary to ensure equality and fairness.

Contact Our Team for More Information and Insight

The likely changes in zoning, land use, and building codes in Broward County are potentially unavoidable. As changes take effect, they will inevitably lead to greater initial expenses for contractors and investors. We can help you estimate those potential costs, and we can provide loan options to suit your project needs.

Change is always uncomfortable, but more often than not, it is necessary. The proposed smart city adoptions are essential to providing fair and equal access to all citizens. Unfortunately, there is no current way of knowing precisely how those changes will affect project budgets because costs depend on the individual city and county plans.

Contact HML Solutions today to get the funding you need for your next commercial project in Broward County.

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