Hard Money & Bridge Financing Solutions For The Greater Belleair Area

Belleair is a city on the Gulf of Mexico coast in Pinellas County, Florida. It’s known for its white-sand beaches, palm-tree-lined streets, and beautiful waterfront homes. The area has experienced significant growth over the past decade. New residents are attracted to the area by affordable housing prices, high quality of life, and proximity to Tampa Bay, where many work. With this growth comes more demand for hard money loans and bridge financing solutions that are typically higher risk and have higher rates of return than traditional bank lending programs. Read on to see how HML Solutions can help you with a hard money or bridge loan.

What is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan is a short-term financing option for real estate investors. The term of the loan ranges from 12 to 36 months, and interest rates are significantly higher than long-term bank loans. Still, hard money lenders typically offer funding in as little as 48 hours after approval which can make all the difference in an opportunity turn into a missed one.

What is Bridge Financing?

Bridge financing also has a time limit on it, with terms ranging from 30 days to about six years depending on how much you need and what type of property assets you have available to secure repayment at maturity. This kind of lending comes due when your borrower closes escrow, so it’s essential to factor that additional closing cost into your budget along with any fees associated with the bridge loan.

How Does Belleair Fit into All of This?

Belleair is an excellent opportunity for hard money and bridge financing because of its recent growth and the demand that comes with it. Many new investors are looking to get into the market here but may not have the time or capital to wait for traditional bank loans. HML Solutions can help fill that gap by providing fast and easy access to funding so these investors can take advantage of current market conditions.

Why Use a Bridge Loan or Hard Money Loan in Belleair, FL?

The main reason to use a bridge loan or hard money loan in Belleair, FL, is because you need the money fast. Both types of loans are known for their quick funding turnaround times, so if you’re looking to get into a new property quickly or need some extra cash to make repairs, they can be a great option. Just be sure to factor in all associated costs, so you don’t end up spending more than you planned on closing the deal.

HML Solutions’ Application Process

We’ve eliminated the need for a credit check and cash flow requirements. You can get hard money loans from us without ever having to submit any documents! We offer quick closing times, fixed interest rates that are lower than those of other lenders in this industry. So, there’s really nothing stopping you except time! This is because HML Solutions handles everything else for you, including finding out about your business itself – such as what type of property it involves. This will save valuable resources on accountants’ fees as well when applying through one platform instead of two separate channels with slightly different outcomes each way depending upon the circumstance.

Hard Money Loans and Bridge Loans for Any Type of Commercial Real Estate Project

Investors who are looking for a hard money loan or bridge loan to finance their next commercial real estate project need to look no further. We offer financing for all types of projects, including retail, office, industrial, and multifamily properties. We also have programs available for investors who are looking to purchase or refinance investment property.

If you’re ready to take advantage of our fast and easy application process, please give us a call at HML Solutions today. We look forward to helping you finance your next real estate project!

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