Using Hard Money for Commercial Real Estate Investments


If you need a quick loan to put a down payment on a property, a hard money loan can be a good option. This type of financing is most often used to fund real estate investments. AS the name implies, hard money loans can sometimes be difficult to obtain, but many lenders, including HML Solutions, have begun offering less-stringent criteria for hard money loan eligibility to make them accessible to more people.

What Is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan is a type of creative financing, which is a financial solution in which an investor provides a borrower with a non-traditional loan. Hard money loans are often harder to qualify for because they typically have high interest rates and strict terms for eligibility.

However, because hard money loans require little to no documentation, the borrower receives money from this financial solution almost instantly. This fact makes hard money loans ideal for real estate buyers who need funding for down payments.

What Are the Benefits of Hard Money Loans?

Hard money loans have two primary benefits. The first advantage of this financial solution is flexibility. Because hard money loans come from private parties or investors, the terms for this avenue of financing are flexible. Loans can easily be tailored to meet the individual needs of the borrower, which allows people with less-than-perfect credit histories to qualify for hard money loans.

The second advantage of hard money loans is speed. Instead of having to wait for financing to be approved, you can receive money from a hard money loan in as little as a week. This speed can make a huge difference in getting the property you want when it becomes available or missing out on it because you can’t afford the down payment.

What Should You Look For in a Hard Money Lender?

When applying for a hard money loan, it’s important to find a lender who meets your needs. Consider the following criteria to decide which lender to work with:

  • Loan Terms: The specific terms of a loan, including the specified payback period, have a direct impact on your profit margin over time.
  • Loan Amount: Various lenders offer different loan amounts, so choose a lender with a debt ceiling higher than the amount of the loan you need.
  • Interest Rates: Hard money loans have higher interest rates than other types of financing, but the rates vary among lenders. Choose to work with one that offers lower interest rates.

How Can You Find a Hard Money Lender?

You can find many resources online that list all of the benefits of various hard money lenders. Some of the websites compare lenders from individual states, while others compare lenders from all across the nation. Reputable websites will include all of the information you need to decide when lender is right for you.

Apply For a Hard Money Loan From HML Solutions Today

A hard money loan is a useful type of financing if you need a quick down payment for a real estate property. HML Solutions offers this financial solution with competitive terms, so if you think a hard money solution is the right type of financing for you, contact us today to apply.

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