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With a population of 121 people and located 5 miles south of the Alabama border, Bascom, FL, is known as the hometown of the famous actress Faye Dunaway, proving that small towns can birth some bright stars. HML Solutions wants to help Bascom investors find their shining path by providing the best hard money and bridge loans to achieve their business goals.

HML Solutions’ innovative financing team is constantly moving, helping businesses like yours make their goals come true. Not only can we help with commercial real estate projects or other types of expansion ventures, but our hard money loans and bridge loans will also increase brand recognition while increasing profits too!

Your search for residential loans, commercial real estate loans, or bridge loans is over. HML Solutions is here to help you find hard money and bridge financing solutions in Bascom.

Residential Owner-Occupied Property Financing

We offer the best rates on owner-occupied loans, which can be customized to your needs. So whether it’s a home renovation or an expansion project for one of your houses, we will have something just right for you!

Whether looking to purchase, renovate or expand any property in need of work and improvements, HML Solutions is here with our diverse range of financing options that are tailored made with residential properties in mind.

Rest assured that our financing options cater exclusively to all types and sizes and each client’s unique requirements. With simple application procedures (elements such as credit score checks included) and flexible payment plans depending on what suits their financial situation – this revolutionary approach has been proven time and time.

An all-inclusive loan is changing the game for owners of residential properties. Traditionally, banks have been quick to separate owner-occupied loans from commercial lending programs to emphasize that borrowers need a loan solely for business purposes and not personal ones.

However, this can be challenging when an owner needs renovations on their property or in a multi-unit building with other residents impacted by alterations made throughout the entire house. While there are still some companies out there unwilling to provide homeowner financing options

HML Solutions is a residential financing company that provides comprehensive owner-occupied property financing. We take a more holistic approach by giving this type of funding rather than focusing solely on credit ratings or revenue.

Instead, we structure our loans around the value of your home to ensure you get all the help and finance you need with whatever plans are in store for it! Plus, HML Solutions does its own approvals and processing, which eliminates tedious red tape from traditional lenders – allowing us to deliver speedy funds so that there’s less stress associated with getting approved for homeownership as well!

A new business venture can be complicated, but you’ll have everything needed to start with the right financing. Small businesses often use bridge loans for their first big purchase, and they’re great because there’s no long-term commitment or collateral required.

So if you’ve been thinking about starting your own restaurant chain, driving traffic, and bringing more customers into your store through online advertising campaigns, bridge loans from hard money lenders could help make it happen!

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are short-term, temporary options that bridge the financing gap. These loans can be used as a stepping stone to permanent funding or an influx of cash during times when projects or purchases need extra support and there isn’t enough money on hand for long-term financing.

The use of a gap loan may be necessary for an array of circumstances. For instance, the borrower might need to put their funds towards a new property while waiting for another one to sell. Or maybe this is just what you’re looking for if you are purchasing or fixing up properties and want some short-term financing but don’t have enough collateral as security yet – which means that bridge loans can come in handy!

Our bridge loan program is the perfect solution for when you need to buy a property fast or are in-between projects and don’t want your finances on pause. The ability to make payments as required means adjusting so that it doesn’t affect you if anything changes.

Our bridge loan program offers rapid intermittent financing, which ensures nothing will hold up your project due to unexpected expenses occurring during its completion process.

Are you looking for an owner-occupied or bridge loan to get your property renovation back on track?

Contact HML Solutions, and our team of experienced lenders will work with you to develop an affordable plan that addresses all of your needs.

Not only do we offer hard money and bridge, but they come with competitive rates so you can stay focused on making the most out of this investment opportunity!

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